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Links to Hundreds of Fairy Tales!

With Illustrations by Arthur Rackham

 Russian Fairy Tales
The Norweigan Fairy Book
The Diamond Fairy Book
The Ruby Fairy Book
The Golden Fairy Book
The Silver Fairy Book
Stories by Hans Christian Anderson
Childhood's Favorites and Fairy Stories
Irish Fairy Tales
My Book of Favorite Fairy Tales
Tales of Folk and Fairies

Rumplestiltskin isn't the only story about a Fairy helper! There are LOTS of them acutally. You can read different ones from all over the world here.

Nightmares were believed to be caused by Fairy creatures, (called, of course, night-mares). Read lots of stories about them here

Fairies were very often believed to kidnap people - kind of like you hear about aliens doing. Stories that describe this are listed here Fairies were also believed to leave a fairy baby in place of the real one, (kind of like the 'Labyrinth' story). These were called Changelings. Lots of stories about them are here

Aesop's Fables - each one has a moral. Read them here

Fairy Tales about fame and fortune

Legends of King Arthur that you might not find elsewhere are listed here

Did you know that there are even fairy tales about the Devil! Here is a list of some of them More can be found here, here and here

Stranger still, there are a number of fairy tales about farts!!! I am so not kidding. These somewhat disturbing tales are listed here

An English tale about when the whole world was overrun with ghosts. There are also lots of stories about ghosts who come back for their belongings. They are here

  Fairy Tales from China

  Stories about the origins of Fairies and Elves and about why we don't   see them so much anymore here

  Fairy tales about dreams and more dreams

  A fantastic list of Fairy Tales from England

  Stories about presents from fairies and other magic gifts

  Fairies who steal things from people

  Tales of foolish wishes

Grimm Brothers homepage

Fairy Tales from Ireland

Japanese fairy tales and more Japanese Fairy Tales

My favorite, Andrew Lang's Fairy Books

Fairy tales about lies

Some of the coolest fairy tales were from the Isle of Man

     Mermaids, Water Sprites and Nymphs and more mermaids -

    Tales from ancient India

    Stories by Charles Perrault, author of 'Puss in Boots'

    Shoes that were danced to pieces

    Singing Bones

    Fairy Tales from Scotland

There are actually MANY versions of the best known fairy-tales, here are some of them:

Rapunzel stories

Little Red Riding Hood Stories

The Pied Piper of Hamlin


Sleeping Beauty

Snow White

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

There are also fairy tales about people changing places, kind of like 'Freaky Friday'

Stories that have no ending!

Vampire and ghost stories from Russia

Werewolf legends from Germany

Folklore and Fairy tales from Wales

The real Jack o Lantern and similar stories

And, of course, there are LOTS about witches and more witches

If you want to learn even more about Fairy Tales, here's an entire directory of sites on-line!

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